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Dividend Stocks Here for Your Entertainment

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Whether its an evening after a long work day or the much-anticipated weekend, we all need time to relax, unwind or let loose. For some, that means binge-watching a show on Netflix (NFLX) or tuning into a local sports game. For others, it means mindlessly browsing Facebook (FB) or spending endless hours playing video games. The list goes on: concerts, amusement parks, movies, shopping … Of course, a number of publicly traded stocks — whether it’s diversified giants like Disney (DIS) or niche names like Polaris (PII) — love our downtime, because we’re likely putting money in their pockets to enjoy ourselves.

However, three entertainment-focused dividend stocks at least give a little back, not only by providing a little fun, but by offering up a steady payout. Let’s take a look: Hasbro (HAS) probably kept you entertained as a kid, it might keep your own kids entertained now … and hey, if you’re a board game-lover like me, it might still be the center of your good, old fashioned fun. Even if you don’t personally tune into World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) matches, you’re likely familiar with the organization, its loyal followers, its stars — including John Cena and The Rock — and shows such as Raw and SmackDown. Regal Entertainment Group (RGC) operates more than 6,600 screens in over 500 theaters across 37 states.

Source: InvestorPlace

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