Dividends4Life: Dividend Income Growth Stocks with Best Cash Distribution

A growing dividend is normally a good sign for investors. The corporate shows two characteristics to their owners: strength and power of a healthy and growing business. The rate of dividend growth is in this context a great measure to judge the success of a business. A company with a 20 percent dividend growth rate must have a stronger growing underlying business than a corporate with a 3 percent growing dividend. The future looks rosy and the management team is more optimistic to share profits of the company at a high level.

Today I would like to present you the 20 fastest growing dividends from the Dividend Champions list over the short-run. One hundred and five companies are part of the list which is a compilation of stocks with over 25 years of consecutive dividend growth. And the winners are: services and industrials. No other sectors have more constituents on the list. It was the best place to be in the past to gain a higher dividend. This is not equal to return or profits. Here are the top yielding results: American States Water (AWR), Chevron (CVX), McDonald's (MCD) and Exxon Mobil (XOM).

Source: Guru Focus

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