Dividends4Life: Dividend Growth Investing Needs Some Loving Too!

Dividend Growth Investing Needs Some Loving Too!

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The Wall Street Journal recently had an article titled "The 50 Stocks Most Loved by Hedge-Fund Managers." I have to say the title caught my attention since hedge funds are supposed to be run by some of the smartest investors around. My curiosity, or it may be my bias, getting the better of me, I wanted to look at their holdings and see how it compared to what I thought a typical dividend growth portfolio might consist of.

From the most loved list, there were 35 out of the 50 companies that paid dividends. The average yield of the overall list was 1.39%, but that is from the perspective of the top 50 making up an entire portfolio. Removing the 15 that didn't pay dividends, the yield was 1.98%. From a retiree standpoint, 1.98% is an unacceptable yield to be depending on for income.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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