Dividends4Life: The Absurdity Of Not Investing In Dividend Stocks

I would like to state emphatically that if an investor is diligent about investing in solid, mega cap, blue chip stocks that regularly pay dividends and usually increase these dividends every year, the path to a secure retirement is virtually guaranteed. Look, we all want to create as much wealth as we possibly can. That is why we even bother reading about investing, stocks, and the markets. Having plenty of money for the rest of our lives is a goal I believe everyone wants.

By using just 2 strategies, I believe this goal is achievable. 1. Keep your expenses below your income forever and 2 Invest in solid, blue chip, mega cap dividend paying stocks. Of course there are strategies within these, but that really is what all of this boils down to. How Much Is Enough? There are simply no definitive answers to this question. In the example used above, an income of about $43,000 plus Social Security of about $40,000 for a couple at the age of 66, means an annual income of $83,000 before taxes.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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