Dividends4Life: Good Looking Services Sector Dividend Stocks With High Beta Ratios

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Today I would like to go forward with my monthly screen serial about high beta dividend stocks. Beta is a financial stock market ratio that shows how much the performance of a stock differs from the performance of the overall market. Beta ratios over one mean that the stock is stronger correlated to the market. Shares of the company move stronger up and down.

Sixteen have a current buy or better rating. The disadvantage is that the best results are low yielders. The highest dividend yield amounts to 2.81 percent. Low yields don’t mean low returns: The stocks generated a return between 8.94 percent and 76.75 percent since the beginning of the trading year. Here are the highest yielding high beta services stocks: Norfolk Southern (NSC), Walgreen (WAG), Target (TGT) and Cardinal Health (CAH).

Source: Guru Focus

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