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Dividend Growth Is Vital

Posted by D4L | Friday, August 30, 2013 | | 0 comments »

Last time we said some people have accused us of having a "one trick pony" investment strategy. We hope what we have shared here answers that accusation. In addition, dividends in one form or another have been around as long as investing itself. We are not at all worried that companies will stop paying dividends. True, over the years, the percentage of all companies paying dividends has waxed and waned. But there have always been at least several hundred quality companies around the world that paid a dividend. And many of them were regularly increasing their dividends.

With a portfolio of only 30 stocks - more than enough to optimize the safety benefits of diversification - we can't see the day when we won't have more than enough companies to choose from for our Rising Dividend strategy to continue to deliver dependable, growing income and outstanding total returns. Simply stated, the Rising Dividend strategy is the belief that companies that pay you more each year - in cash (i.e. dividends) - are more valuable than companies that don't, and the increased cash flow has the effect of driving up stocks prices in the long run.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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