Dividends4Life: This 'Baby Boomer' Stock Is A Dividend Machine

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Since the Federal Reserve's recent announcements regarding the "tapering" of its quantitative easing programs, the real estate investment trust (REIT) market has been in a tailspin. The Dow Jones Equity REIT Index has fallen sharply since the middle of May, as investors began to sell on fear that the REIT market -- where profits are often tied closely to interest rates -- is in for hard days ahead. But investors should keep in mind that not all REITs are created equal.

While the REIT market as a whole has declined in the wake of the Fed's recent announcements, REITs that invest in physical property have in some cases suffered price drops that are based on mostly on fear and have little to do with the value of the underlying business. After reviewing a number of options in this sector, one in particular caught my eye. This company boasts a "fortress" balance sheet, a long history of rising dividends, and one of the best management teams in the business: HCP Inc. (NYSE: HCP)

Source: Seeking Alpha

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