Dividends4Life: Top Dividend Stocks to Invest In

Top Dividend Stocks to Invest In

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Cash. We could all use more of it. That's why many investors turn to dividend stocks. The case for good dividend stocks is simple: Investors don't need to rely solely on unrealized gains to get a return on their investment -- they get to look forward to a cash deposit every quarter. But how do you find the top dividend stocks? You'll need to muster up some contrarianism and look where others aren't. If you want abnormal returns, you'll need to act abnormally.

Top dividend stocks need more than just a good dividend yield -- they need to be enduring businesses. A dividend yield won't get you anywhere if your principal takes a nosedive. Most enduring businesses have two things in common: market leadership and consistently high returns on invested capital to prove it. Top dividend stocks should be reasonably priced, to lower the risk on your principle and let you focus on the prospective income. Obviously, top dividend stocks should have nice dividends yields. If you're looking for the top dividend stocks to invest in today, give Apple and Intel some serious consideration.

Source: Daily Finance

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