Dividends4Life: My Favorite Healthcare Dividend Stocks

My Favorite Healthcare Dividend Stocks

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Selling a stock short is a popular method by investors to make a capital gain in a falling market. If investors believe that the stock price should fall, they borrow shares of the company and sell them on the market in order to hope that the stock price falls much more and that he can buy back the borrowed shares for a cheaper price.

Today I like to show you which of the healthcare stocks have the highest float short ratio. The ratio shows you how many shares have been sold short. It’s ever interesting to see which companies have some problems and investors like to speculate on a falling stock price. The higher the ratio is, the bigger the problems of the company. Here are my favorite stocks: Herbalife (HLF), Quest Diagnostics (DGX) and DENTSPLY (XRAY).

Source: Guru Focus

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