Dividends4Life: Favorite Stocks With Recent Dividend Growth

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Last week, an additional 41 stocks and funds announced dividend raises. The average dividend growth amounts to 34.59%. On the list are some big players from the financial sector like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup or W.R. Berkley. Also the tech giant Hewlett-Packard raised its dividend by 10% despite operational problems. Twelve companies announced to pay a first-ever dividend and 10 stocks reduced payments last week.

The good thing is that dividend growth is definitely stronger than dividend cuts. Here are my favorite dividend growth stocks: JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Lancaster Colony (LANC) and Viacom (VIA). The average dividend growth amounts to 34.59% and the average dividend yield amounts to 2.45%. Stocks from the sheet are valuated with a P/E ratio of 21.05. The average P/S ratio is 4.31 and P/B 5.63.

Source: Guru Focus

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