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Cheap Dividend Paying Large Cap

Posted by D4L | Tuesday, June 04, 2013 | | 0 comments »

The markets getting more expensive and my research for real bargains or cheap valuated stocks rise. Today I like to use my monthly screen of the cheapest large capitalized stocks. Buy low and sell high is the basic philosophy behind. But its very difficult to know when stocks are cheap. In markets that are going up for years, the only reason to find cheap stocks is to look at the future growth. A growing company let the P/E ratio shrink. A current P/E of 20 can come down to 13 with growing earnings per share. Growth is only one criterion of hundreds.

Fourteen companies fulfilled these criteria of which nine are currently recommended to buy. The screen is dominated by foreign stock; eight come from abroad. Another characteristic is that basic material stocks are mostly represented. The fear of falling commodity prices due to China's slowing growth is the reason behind. Here are my favorites: PetroChina (PTR), Principal Financial Group (PFG) and National-Oilwell (NOV).

Source: Guru Focus

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