Dividends4Life: Stocks Bought by Professional Investment Managers

The 100 most bought stocks by investment gurus originally published on Dividend Yield – Stock, Capital, Investment. Dividend counts also for professional investment gurus. Those are asset or fund managers with large amounts of cash under management and a well known profile within the financial community. They all have one thing in common: The average return beats the market and if they invest, the market follows. Today I made a screen of the biggest stock buys from 49 super investors over the past six months and ranked them in my 100 best guru buy list. The gurus bought a combined 517 stocks during the past six months.

The number one stock that the gurus were buying was Microsoft. The company is followed by the internet search provider, Google which was bought by 11 investment gurus. Microsoft had 15 big investors on their side. Financial and technology stocks are still maintaining their popularity with the gurus. Here are the 3 most bought dividend stocks: Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle (ORCL) and Coca-Cola (KO).

Source: Guru Focus

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