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Mid-Cap Dividend Stocks Yielding Over 6%

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This article will focus on mid-cap dividend-paying stocks that were obtained using a stock screener on May 7, 2013. In articles I wrote earlier in the year, I used similar stock screeners to identify opportunities and some of those worked out really well and outperformed the S&P 500. Hopefully we can produce some more winners here, but as always, please conduct your own research and due diligence before investing in any of these stocks. The stock screen was meant to identify companies that are paying out dividends at a sustainable rate, at least at first glance. A payout ratio of below the industry average would give a preliminary indication that the dividends are manageable when compared with other companies with high yields.

I also looked for companies whose price has not changed that much in the past four weeks. This way, we may identify companies that have missed some of the recent run and uncover potentially underpriced stocks. Prospect Capital Corporation was found but I have recently highlighted the stock so I will not duplicate that here. That leaves us with four stocks that we will look at here. Those companies include The Carlyle Group LP (CG), Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC), Alliance Resource Partners LP (ARLP), and Hospitality Properties Trust (HPT). The following is a one-year stock price chart for these companies.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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