Dividends4Life: My Favorite High-Yield Stocks With Low Betas

Investors always look for opportunities on the market. They try to realize a bigger return by excluding additional risks. Risk-free stocks don’t exist but some stocks have a higher volatility than others. A ratio that measures the volatility is the beta ratio. Linked is a sheet of the “safest” high-yielding stocks. Those stocks have a beta ratio below 0.5 as well as a higher market capitalization. In my case, I screen for stocks with a market valuation over $2 billion (USD).

Only 20 companies fulfilled the mentioned criteria of which six have a double-digit yield. Eight of the results are recommended to buy. REITs and oil and gas pipeline stocks dominate the screen. Here are my favorite stocks: Annaly Capital Management (NLY) and Kinder Morgan Energy (KMP).

Source: Guru Focus

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