Dividends4Life: Great Dividend Paying Biotech Stocks

Great Dividend Paying Biotech Stocks

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A portfolio of biotech stocks is usually full of risk. One way to offset this risk is to include some of the pharmaceutical giants that have long ago experienced their "pop", but now have healthy dividends to offer investors. These large companies have extensive product offerings, make partnerships with smaller companies to get more products to advance and even buy some of these smaller companies to acquire their products or pipeline.

Most of these stocks have seen their values rise to new highs as the market has moved along with them, but growth has been harder to achieve. Bristol-Myers Squibb is not the safest of the bunch and with one of the lowest dividend yields, the others appear to be safer bets. AstraZeneca has no problem with earnings and has that healthy dividend, great P/E ratio and EPS, but does have to deal with the fallout from a less than glamorous 2012. Novartis has some pretty solid numbers for this group and could experience growth with its dividend and share price. Novartis might just be the sleeper of the group worth further attention.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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