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Global Dividend Stocks

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“Even though the investing community faces economic and legislative hurdles in the near and long term, equity prices have risen in both January and February signalling … that many of these worries are unwarranted,” Sam Stovall, Standard & Poor’s chief equity strategist. “The world’s still an uncertain place and it’s going to be an uncertain place for the foreseeable future,” says global equities veteran Patrick Ryan. “The scars of the crisis remain in terms of both corporate and investor sentiment.”

His own safety-first solution is a diverse global portfolio of dividend-paying value stocks. That way, investors can continue amassing their 5-per-cent returns while waiting for the world to improve, Mr. Ryan, a director and portfolio manager with Lazard Asset Management in New York, said during a visit to Toronto last week. It’s a strategy that works under just about any market conditions short of a disaster.

Source: Globe and Mail

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