Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks Are Cheap

Dividend Stocks Are Cheap

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Turn on any business channel and all of the talking heads are weighing in with their market predictions; the market is too high and needs to correct, the market is way too low and the sky is the limit, the market will move sideways until something else happens. Well guess what, they are all correct, but I have absolutely no idea of which will be next, or if it will last for any length of time to make any major short-term impact on anyone's portfolio. What I THINK is that dividend stocks, and the market as a whole, are undervalued and headed higher over the longer term.

As a matter of fact, with the overall market P/E being at its current level, I believe that the entire market has much more room to run higher with all of the confluences (is that a word?) of events and actions. History is on my side of course because the direction of the markets has always been up over the long term. Dividend stocks have been the cat's meow for the last few years. It is hardly a secret that fixed income investors, mostly those of us retired or seeking income, have been looking for yield. Not actually chasing it, but it seems as though we have.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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