Dividends4Life: Boring Stocks That Consistently Pay Dividends

They keep going and going and going …and have nothing to do Energizer batteries. Zacks.com helpfully points to four companies that have consistently paid dividends for decades, including one that's rewarded shareholders for well over a century. In the rough-and-tumble markets of late, a solid, staid (dare we say boring) company that rests on its conservative laurels might be exactly what certain clients are looking for. And dividends are a great indicator of a company’s overall health.

The thinking goes that if a company pays a dividend, that is real cash that has to be sent out to shareholders,” the website notes. “A company can't fake that. Either it has the money or it doesn't. It's not that easy to pay a dividend every quarter, year after year, for decades. Things happen:" 1) DuPont Co. (DD), 2) Coca-Cola Co. (KO),

Source: AdvisorOne

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