Dividends4Life: Avoid Dividend Stocks in Rally

Avoid Dividend Stocks in Rally

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Investors could see the market continue to climb but should avoid higher-dividend yielding stocks, Seth Masters of Bernstein Global Wealth Management said Monday. "Actually, I would agree that the thing to not do is to go after the higher-dividend yielding stocks that actually now make up much more of the index than they ever have before," he said. "They're now 44 percent of the index. The long-term average is only a third."

Retail investors also could lead the market higher, he added, noting that the biggest buyer of stocks have been companies themselves. "The retail investors have nothing to do with the fact that the S&P is up 130 percent since March of '09," he said. "So I think that actually the stock market could go up with the retail investor there or not."

Source: CNBC

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