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Invest The Buffett Way

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If you’re a short-term investor and if you buy the common stock alone, and you’ve overpaid, you’re probably sitting on dead money. But if you buy the preferred as well, you gain additional dividend income (ahead of common), which might turn out to be your only return. And if you’re a long-term investor, by owning the preferred in addition to the common, you’re getting paid to wait for its common stock to rise in value.

There are plenty of examples to choose from. Using the iShares U.S. Preferred Stock Index Fund (NYSE:PFF) to speed my search, here are three I believe are worth considering: State Street - State Street NYSE:STTCommon: NYSE:STT Preferred: NYSE:STT-PC; Charles Schwab - Common: NYSE:SCHW Preferred: NYSE:SCHW-PB and NorthStar Realty Finance - Common: NYSE:NRF Preferred: NYSE:NRF-PC;

Source: InvestorPlace

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