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Best Yielding Ex-Dividend Stocks

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Buying stocks before the ex-dividend date is simple. If you buy a stock before the ex-dividend date and hold it, you will receive the next dividend. Buying high-yielding stocks is not a one-way strategy to high returns. In addition to high returns, the valuation should be fair. This is the main reason why I screen every day tomorrow’s best ex-dividend stocks by yield and market capitalization.

The ex-dividend date is a major date related to the payment of dividends. If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or later, you will not receive the next dividend payment. Instead, the seller gets the dividend. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you get the dividend. It is important that your broker settles your trade before the ex-dividend date. These are the results of the highest yielding ex-dividend stocks: AmeriGas Partners (APU), Olin (OLN) and United Financial Bancorp (UBNK).

Source: Guru Focus

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