Dividends4Life: An MLP For High-Yield Investors

An MLP For High-Yield Investors

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We’re at a point where that free lunch is about to end, so I’ve set my sights on high-yielding names that won’t collapse once the rally is over. A lot of the trash of the high-yield universe has risen for no other reason that I can see but money chasing yield without proper due diligence. Assets that appreciated on the back of the bull without sound fundamentals will round-trip their gains in the first formidable pullback.

It’s important not to get caught up in the hype of missing out on the rally if one’s capital isn’t fully deployed. Opportunities and undiscovered assets that haven’t caught the eye of big money just yet are always available, which is why I’ve been scooping up some of the smaller-cap energy master limited partnerships (MLPs) such as BreitBurn Energy Partners (NASDAQ:BBEP) and LRR Energy Partners L.P (NYSE:LRE) over the past couple of months. Another MLP that fits that description is Memorial Production Partners LP (NASDAQ:MEMP), which has mature, legacy oil and natural gas reservoir properties, in Texas, Louisiana and California.

Source: InvestorPlace

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