Dividends4Life: This Overlooked Dividend Stock Should Yield Over 13% In 2013

We've been profiling undervalued and/or oversold high dividend stocks in our recent articles over the past few weeks. As with some of the previous stocks we've been covering, this week's stock is also listed in our High Dividend Stocks By Sector Tables. In fact, with its 13%-plus dividend yield, Aes Tiete, (AESAY.PK), sits atop our Utilities Sector table.

AES Tietê is Brazil's second larger private generation companies with a park comprising 12 hydroelectric plants with installed capacity of 2,658 megawatts, which represents 2.2% of Brazil's Total Installed Capacity. That complex involves 9 hydroelectric plants and one Small Hydro Plant, with installed capacity of 2,651 MW and physical guarantee of 1,275 average MW, located on rivers Tietê, Grande, Pardo and Mogi-Guaçú, in central and northeastern São Paulo State.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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