Dividends4Life: Microsoft Could Double Its Dividend To 7%

Microsoft Could Double Its Dividend To 7%

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Microsoft (MSFT) shares are trading near the 52-week low and that is making many investors wonder if this is a buying opportunity or a value trap that could keep dropping. Many investors and analysts were hoping that Windows 8 would ignite an upgrade cycle for the PC industry which has seen tough times due to a weak global economy as well as new competition from the popularity of tablets. Unfortunately, sales for Windows 8 and the Surface tablet have been seen as disappointing by a number of industry observers.

This leads many to wonder whether Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is going to be able to keep his post for much longer. It also leads to the question of what the company can do to create more shareholder value in the future. CNBC's Herb Greenberg has made a couple of seemingly bold predictions for 2013 and two of them include his belief that Microsoft will see a change in the CEO position with Mr. Ballmer leaving and Bill Gates resuming the role of CEO. Furthermore he believes that the company will more than double its regular dividend.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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