Dividends4Life: Ken Fisher's Top Dividend Stocks

Ken Fisher's Top Dividend Stocks

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Warren Buffett's right-hand man and business partner, Charlie Munger, offers this advice for successful investing: "Carefully look at what other great investors have done." Luckily for us, great investors are required to divulge changes they make to their portfolios on a quarterly basis. These SEC 13-F filings allow us to peek into the stock comings-and-goings of money pros, including multibillion-dollar hedge fund manager Ken Fisher.

Fisher's top dividend holdings include Royal Bank of Canada (NYSE: RY ) , Philip Morris (NYSE: PM ) , General Electric (NYSE: GE ) , Pfizer (NYSE: PFE ) , and McDonald's (NYSE: MCD ) . All five stocks pay between a 3% and 4% dividend yield, but how they've grown their dividends differs greatly. Royal Bank of Canada and McDonald's have increased their respective dividends more than 5% and 15% annually over the past five years. Meanwhile, Pfizer and GE have both cut their dividends by 8% and 13%, respectively, each year during this same time.

Source: Motley Fool

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