Dividends4Life: Dividend Investing Creates Wealth And Income

Dividend Investing Creates Wealth And Income

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While you can certainly build up a good passive income stream with dividends and while it is no doubt beneficial to retirees, one of the best kept secrets of dividend investing is that it can create an sustained increase in your wealth as well. I didn't fully appreciate this till I read the Single Best Investment by Lowell Miller.

The fact that dividends provide a steady income stream is well known to most people. Either quarterly or semi annually, I get a cheque or direct deposit into my bank account that represents my entitlement to the cash flow that a company has paid out. For people looking for dependable cash flow streams, if you have a large well established company paying out dividends, there is a high degree of surety in collecting that dividend payment on a regular basis and therefore generating an income.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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