Dividends4Life: Dividend Growth Portfolio 2012-2013 Report

Dividend Growth Portfolio 2012-2013 Report

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As many know, I maintain a public demonstration Dividend Growth Portfolio (DGP). I keep it out here in the open so that people can see how one person (me) executes a dividend growth strategy and what its results are. The primary goal of this portfolio is to produce ever-rising dividend streams. In 2012, the DGP's dividend stream increased by 11% to $2179, and its TTM (trailing twelve month) yield on my original investment - or "yield on cost" - increased from 4.2% to 4.7%.

The mission for this portfolio is focused on income-in fact, it is focused on future income whose growth beats inflation. I accomplish this by collecting what I call "dividend rights." But I do track the total value by writing it down at the end of each week. The year-end total value of the portfolio was $59,107, or +26% since its inception. That value increased 5% in 2012, trailing the S&P 500's returns for the year. The portfolio's current yield is just a hair under 4%.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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