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2012 Core Dividend Growth Portfolio Results

Posted by D4L | Thursday, January 31, 2013 | | 0 comments »

This article reviews portfolio strategy and results for 2012, and describes changes made for 2013. This portfolio is a reflection of my personal Dividend Growth Portfolio. It is a real collection of stocks that I own, though the total dollar value is different, and the amounts are rounded in the Seeking Alpha version to make the presentation clearer. The major change in my approach for 2013 is an equal weighting of all core holdings, rather than an approach that over weighted some. In addition, a collection of satellite holdings supplements the core.

The portfolio met its primary goal, which was income in the $15,000 range, with dividends of $14,929.50, a 4.70% yield based on the cost of the portfolio. Incidental to the income produced, the value of the portfolio appreciated $14,042, a 4.42% gain. This means the total return was 9.12%. The tracking software I used had some glitches in it and I have made manual adjustments where I observed them.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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