Dividends4Life: The Monthly Pay Dividend Advantage

The Monthly Pay Dividend Advantage

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Quarterly and annual pay dividend stock owners anxiously await announcements from a firm, fund, or analyst to learn if their next dividend will be higher, lower, or paid at all. Monthly pay stocks, funds, trusts, and partnerships inform the holder every four and one third weeks by check or statement. If the equity reduces or suspends a payment, the holder can sell out of the investment immediately to cut future losses.

Since January the top ten Dow dogs projected dividend from $1k invested in each pup increased 3% while aggregate single share price sank 11.6%. Since the data source for Dow dividend indexArb.com anticipates future increases, dog dividend kept a more level pace than price. The most recent gap for the Dow shows aggregate single share price finally dropping below dividend from $1k invested in each of the top ten dogs by 15% canceling an overbought condition.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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