Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks Trading At All-Time Highs

Dividend Stocks Trading At All-Time Highs

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Do you know the feeling of false bets? Yes, you read right, false bets. If you buy a stock or you just shorted it, it’s a similar bet on the future. Sometimes those bets could walk into the false direction. I like to keep track on a regular basis of stocks trading at new 52-Week Highs or even better, stocks at all time highs. I believe that it makes sense to know what stocks are the hottest gainers in the market. Recently, 35 companies realized price benchmarks that they have never seen before. 19 of them pay dividends. All-Time Highs are very good signals showing strong investor confidence in the stock and indicating a well run business.

Naturally, I have some favorites. I like the leading eyewear company Luxottica Group (LUX). Analysts predict the stock will see double-digit growth for the mid-term (next five years). Below the results are two high-yields, the other stocks having a low yield. Stocks are currently recommended to buy: McCormick & Company (MKC), Buckle (BKE) and Luxottica Group (LUX).

Source: Forex Pros

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