Dividends4Life: Dividend-Paying Stocks Will Hold Out

Dividend-Paying Stocks Will Hold Out

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Should we go over the fiscal cliff, it’ll affect nearly all of us. So if you aren’t you paying attention to dividend stocks yet, you should be. Although taxes will likely go up on dividends, they are a sound investment, as an analysis from Forbes points out. First, consider the market overall. Interest rates are rock-bottom everywhere, and the Fed’s most recent announcement that it will keep rates low means those numbers aren’t changing for a good while yet. By that measure, even a mere 2 percent return on dividend stocks is doing better than most things on the market, Forbes reports.

Investing outside of retirement accounts means you can withdraw before specified age limits without incurring penalties. And, of course, you aren’t limited by your reasons for withdrawal(s). And don’t forget about inflation. Dividend paying stock ETFs tend to pay out between 1-5 percent and can appreciate nicely. There are many ETFs that have averaged a total return of over 10 percent annually in just the last three years (despite the worldwide economic turmoils).

Source: WealthDaily

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