Dividends4Life: Time To Buy Chinese Dividend Stocks

Time To Buy Chinese Dividend Stocks

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Many Chinese stocks are down due to declining economic growth in the country and concerns about corporate governance. But with its economy still expanding at a more impressive rate than investors seem to credit, the People's Republic's publicly-traded companies should still prosper in the future. Dividend-paying Chinese stocks' [offer a] combination of capital gains and steady income streams could reward shareholders with an impressive total return.

In a world of weak economic growth and anemic interest rates, many Chinese stocks' attractive dividend yields and alluring valuations make them more appealing for Foolish investors. If I had to pick just one, I'd look more closely at China Mobile, which remains attractive despite its 16.86% rise this year. It's impossible to time the market. But it's never a bad time to buy stocks at attractive prices with appealing dividends, particularly from a country with the expanding economic power of China.

Source: Motley Fool

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