Dividends4Life: Dividend Paying Stock Portfolio Brings You 8.71%

Dividend Paying Stock Portfolio Brings You 8.71%

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Out there are so many stocks that investors can buy and many are very confused about the fundamentals and data overflow. They may ask themselves, "What dividend stocks should I buy?" You can follow so many stock buying approaches like the Dividend Aristocrats, or Dogs of the Dow Jones. You can follow ETFs or cover a simple index of dividend stocks to buy those that have outperformed the market. Not all of these strategies are of success. Today, I like to show you what kind of profit you could make by buying dividend stocks and holding them over a very long period. I selected a portfolio of 24 best dividend-paying stocks with a well-diversified product portfolio.

Over the past 10 years, stocks from the portfolio grew in average by 148.48% including dividends. This represents an annualized return of 8.71%. Not much but enough for beating inflation and increasing your private wealth. Not all of the stocks have a buy or better recommendation for the time being. Only four companies of the best dividend-paying stock portfolio are currently recommended. These are the results of dividend stocks to buy: Chevron Corporation (CVX), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Northeast Utilities (NU) and Northwest Natural Gas (NWN).

Source: Guru Focus

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