Dividends4Life: Are Dividend Stocks Dead?

Are Dividend Stocks Dead?

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Eat this, not that. Fat, thin. Hot, not. Good, evil. You're either with us or against us. Liberal, conservative. Subsidize, take it private. Dichotomy has swallowed our collective brain. With black-and-white coloring the national discourse on just about everything, it's no surprise that we have had a gaggle of market geeks calling the end of the dividend stock rally for much of the year.

Truth be told, I don't pay much attention these types of rallies. Most long-term investors shouldn't either. While I don't necessarily advocate buy-and-hold (because, by and large, it is dead), it's even more insane to chase what's hot. You'll be in dividend stocks one day, real estate plays the next and utilities when the market turns bear. Unless you have loads of information, tons of time and considerable resources, it's not easy to win with such a fluid strategy.

Source: The Street

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