Dividends4Life: Want a raise? Look for A Dividend Increase Instead

The number of U.S. companies raising dividends increased in the third quarter with 439 companies raising their dividend, compared with 350 hikes in the year-ago quarter. The average yield, however, has fallen to 2.66% at the end of the third quarter from 2.77% from the end of the second quarter because of a strong equities market in the third quarter.

In the meantime, Doug Sandler, chief equity officer at Riverfront Investment Group, suggests that if you haven’t seen a raise in a while, you might be better off buying dividend stocks, because companies are sinking more money into growing dividends than growing wages. “In a nutshell, there are too many workers (supply) and too few investors (demand) and, as the laws of supply and demand dictate, prices have been adjusting to fix the imbalances,” Sandler wrote.

Source: MarketWatch

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