Dividends4Life: Essential Points On Dividend Investing

Essential Points On Dividend Investing

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PIMCO brought on a manager from Thornburg Investment Management to run their dividend products and I had the pleasure of attending a lunch yesterday introducing him to the New York asset management community. Brad Kinkelaar's presentation was a rundown of dividend-related intelligence from the PIMCO team and I came away with a handful of new insights I wanted to share with you below. Here are five things I learned:

1. Kinkelaar makes a very important point about how, during some decade-long stretches, the income from dividends is really all an equity investor has. 2. It's important to understand that it's not the very highest payers you want. 3. Also, it's not just high dividend payers that you should be looking for, it's companies that are growing their dividends. 4. Not sticking with just US equities for dividend exposure. 5. Kinkelaar's dividend stock portfolio is currently weighting US telecoms and utilities at zero.

Source: The Reformed Broker

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