Dividends4Life: Why I’m A Dividend Investor

Why I’m A Dividend Investor

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There are a lot of reasons that I like dividend investing. It’s easy to understand; studies have shown that it produces superior returns; it’s fun to invest in companies whose products and services I use. Heck, if I’m going to buy a Big Mac and fries at McDonald’s, heat my home with natural gas from Enbridge or pay for phone and Internet service from BCE, I might as well get something in return. Which leads me to the number one reason I became a dividend investor: I like it when people hand me money.

It gets better. Virtually all of the companies that I own raise their dividends every year, so the amount of cash I receive is always growing. In many cases, these companies have been raising their dividends for so long, and at such regular intervals, that I can predict – sometimes to the day – when the next increase is coming.

Source: Globe and Mail

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