Dividends4Life: Periodic Table Of Dividend Contenders

Periodic Table Of Dividend Contenders

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Dividend Contenders are stocks that have raised their dividends for 10 to 24 years in a row. Based on such a record, these companies have clearly adopted a managed dividend policy and are committed to raising their dividends every year if they possibly can.

Of the 176 Dividend Contenders, 63 are in the white area. Dividend growth investing involves picking individual stocks. They are usually outliers from the “average” S&P 500 stock that has a yield under 2%. In fact, many of these stocks are not in the S&P 500. There are lots of mid-cap stocks here, invalidating the common wisdom that all dividend growth stocks are large-cap companies. And there are 20 ADR stocks here, representing foreign corporations that are not eligible for the S&P 500.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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