Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks, The Most Attractive Stock

Dividend Stocks, The Most Attractive Stock

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Mostly, dividend stock investment does not offer the short-term capital appreciation. Nor does it match the enthusiasm of regular trading, during which hastily growing markets can make these investments look like stodgy, slow money stocks. Furthermore, dividend-paying stocks frequently fall out of favor in fast growing bull markets, subsequently regaining a fervent in unstable and impulsive markets.

This is because of the comparatively moderate growth nature of these stocks as well as the sluggish compounding nature of dividends that can be attained through a long-term, buy and hold philosophy of dividend stock investment. However, during the sluggish growth in bear markets, investors increasingly look for shelter in dividend growth stocks such as blue chip stocks. Moreover, these stocks can provide them an attractive class of stock to include as a part in any portfolio during both recession and booming economic times.

Source: Potential Trader

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