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Dividend Growth Stocks For Great Total Returns

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Introduction to Dividend Paying Stocks: When people talk about dividend paying stocks, their focus is often on the dividend income they provide. This is especially true for the investors that fancy themselves purists as dividend growth investors, who seemingly care more about their dividends than they do their capital. However, this article intends to illustrate that dividend growth stocks are not only great income vehicles for retirees; they can also be terrific vehicles for providing total return.

Isn’t it nice to know that long-term capital appreciation, although perhaps less certain than dividend growth, will in most cases be much greater than your cumulative dividend income? Frankly, we believe that a well-researched portfolio of high-quality dividend growth stocks purchased at sound valuations provide a high probability for a secure and comfortable retirement. Of course, continuous due diligence and monitoring is required. And believe it or not, the most exciting part of this recipe is the high capital appreciation potential.

Source: Guru Focus

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