Dividends4Life: Hedge Funds Are Dumping These 2 Dividend Stocks

Hedge Funds Are Dumping These 2 Dividend Stocks

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What’s not to like about high yield dividend stocks? Ordinarily for investors, these assets are attractive because they allow for a quick payoff in the form of an immediate, tangible reward. However, this simple approach to analyzing the implications of a high dividend yield often shields other red flags.

While novice investors may be quick to jump at high yield dividend stocks, many institutional investors realize that everything is not as rosy as it seems with these assets. That is why they engage in selling these stocks. Institutional selling usually indicates that sophisticated market players have done their due diligence before deciding to unload an asset. What do you think, are “smart money” investors right to dump these names: Baltic Trading Limited (BALT) and Diana Containerships Inc. (DCIX).

Source: Kapitall Wire

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