Dividends4Life: Demand More From Dividend Stocks

Demand More From Dividend Stocks

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Now more than ever, investors have begun to fully appreciate the value of dividend-paying stocks. When you aren't so sure about whether stocks will continue to give you the long-term gains they've provided historically, nothing boosts your confidence more than getting cold hard cash deposited into your brokerage account every three months. One debate among dividend investors, though, involves whether you should go for maximum current yield now, or instead seek out companies that will grow their dividend payouts over time.

Although many are tempted to take the money and run, high yields often mask problems that pose big threats to your investment. By contrast, more modest dividends from companies that have a long track record of success can give you exactly the risk profile you want. But you don't want to be too modest with your yields. Unfortunately, some stocks that have achieved an important mark of dividend success nevertheless don't give shareholders everything they truly deserve.

Source: Daily Finance

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