Dividends4Life: Biggest Dividend Stocks Are The Best

Biggest Dividend Stocks Are The Best

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Among U.S. stocks nowadays, the bigger they are, the harder they work. The market's giants have proven nimble and stable in the choppy global economy. Large-cap growth-stock mutual funds, for example, are up 12% so far this year, more than three percentage points above their small-cap growth counterparts, according to investment researcher Morningstar Inc. Is there more upside? For investors who are selective, it sure looks that way.

"Large-cap stocks have shown a very persistent improving trend of relative strength recently, and with the public investor so paralyzed in today's investment world, we believe that it will be the large pools of money that recognize there is no better 'safe haven' than U.S. stocks," Don Hays of Hays Advisors wrote in his blog. "And because the huge pool of money has to have trading liquidity, that also gives a huge advantage to these large-cap stocks," he said. Investors shouldn't grab for the highest yield, Zinn cautioned. Instead, he advised, seek lower-priced stocks with dividend yields of around 2%-3% and the potential for that yield to grow

Source: Smart Money

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