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A Dividend Investor’s Report Card

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In September, Yield Hog will celebrate its first birthday. But with most people either watching the Olympics or away at the cottage, we thought now would be a safe time to look back at how our picks and pans have performed. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Many of the stocks we recommended have risen in price, and some of those we suggested you avoid have tumbled. But a few stocks have gone nowhere, or worse, done the opposite of what we expected. That’s okay. Dividend investing is a long-term commitment – a marathon, if you will, not a 100-metre sprint.

Still, we couldn’t resist taking a peek at how we’ve been doing so far. What follows is a sample of the stocks we’ve written about, not an exhaustive list. For reference, we’ve also included the date the article appeared. Telus (Oct. 4, 2011)-Price then: $50.64-Price now: $64.49; McDonald’s (Oct. 11, 2011)-Price then: $89.34 (U.S.)-Price now: $89.01 (U.S.); Inter Pipeline (Nov. 8, 2011)-Price then: $16.24-Price now: $21.12; SNC Lavalin (Dec. 7, 2011)-Price then: $50.23-Price now: $37.76; Enbridge (Dec. 14, 2011)-Price then: $36.12-Price now: $40; TransAlta (March 28, 2012)-Price then: $18.90-Price now: $15.38; AGF Management (April 18, 2012)-Price then: $14.25-Price now: $11.55; Rogers Communications (May 2, 2012)-Price then: $36.61-Price now: $40.21; and Hershey (May 9, 2012)-Price then: $67.94 (U.S.)-Price now: $71.62 (U.S.).

Source: Globe and Mail

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