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UK Dividend Stocks for the Best Returns

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Holly Cook: I am joined today by Rodney Hobson, former editor of Hemscott and author of several investing books, most recently The Dividend Investor, and of course a long-time investor himself. Now today we want to talk about dividend investing. These have been really popular for income seekers for a very long time, but given the current low yield environment, they are becoming something of a hot topic. Do you think we should be worried that there is perhaps a dividend bubble or has the argument for investing in dividend stocks remained the same?

The argument, it remains the same. I don't accept the argument that this is a low-dividend environment. In fact, one of the great attractions to me is that there are very juicy dividends available from really solid companies. 4% is the norm. Now, you can't get that out of a savings account. Even an ISA Cash won't pay you as much as 4%. You can get 5% [in dividend stocks]. Even Vodafone has been up to 8%. What on earth is going on? Why are people worried? There are terrific dividends to be had there and you just can't get that kind of return from any other investment.

Source: Morningstar

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