Dividends4Life: Large-Cap Value Stocks Are Currently A Value

Large-Cap Value Stocks Are Currently A Value

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As the "Bedrock of America" these firms are leaders in their respective industries and represent common household names. These large multinationals provide exposure to faster growing nations outside of the U.S., but also provides stable revenue streams and stronger balance sheets. Blue chips are better equipped to handle any possible downturns in the market, and their bulk offers advantages in a slowing and uncertain economy. These include their larger dividends, ability to acquire floundering smaller competitors and lower volatility. And they are currently cheap too.

Large-cap value stocks offer stronger and higher yields than many of their growth sisters. With interest rates still hovering around decade lows, investors looking for income should consider the sector with gusto. With uncertainty continuing to plague the markets, many investors have retired to the sidelines. However, the best strategy could be adding a dose of large-cap value to a portfolio. These monster blue chips offer advantages to portfolios in an uncertain economic environment and are currently trading for peanuts.

Source: Investopedia

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