Dividends4Life: High Dividend Stocks Should Be In Every Retiree's Portfolio

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The toughest problem for retirees in today’s financial markets is how to get a decent yield on your savings. Before 2005, you could put your money in the bank, draw 5 percent interest, and live off the proceeds. Not anymore. So what about high-dividend stocks? This is not a new idea, and many of the shares have already been bid up by investors, perhaps capping future returns.

Dividend stocks offer more rewarding payouts than bank CDs or government bonds. They are not wild speculations like the newest Internet stock, but they do expose you to the risks of the economic world, which can be considerable. Nevertheless, high-paying stocks should form at least a part of any retiree's portfolio. How big a part depends on how steely your nerves are.

Source: U.S. News

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