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Dividend Stocks For The Next Decade

Posted by D4L | Wednesday, July 25, 2012 | | 0 comments »

I think for the first half of 2012 the market has done a decent job putting to rest several old adages that I (shamefully) had latched onto, many of which have proven to be not only unfounded but (in my opinion) just blatant lies. One of these myths is that dividend-paying stocks such as Microsoft(MSFT_) and Intel(INTC_) could no longer be growth stocks.

In fact, not only has this proven to be untrue, it has actually produced the opposite result -- these performers include such names as (underrated) Oracle(ORCL_) as well as several large dividend payers that have contributed to the gains that each of the major indices have experienced so far on the year.

Source: The Street

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