Dividends4Life: Best/Safest Yielding Stocks From Europe

Best/Safest Yielding Stocks From Europe

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Stocks With Best Dividend Yields And Low Beta Ratios From Europe Researched By Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment. Everybody talks about the euro debt crisis and the expected economic slowdown in Europe. The stock markets within these countries have a really bad performance but this unpopularity gives investors a good opportunity to invest in hidden champions or even to find stocks with attractive valuations.

I screened all stocks with home base in Europe and listing in America by a positive dividend yield as well as a beta ratio of less than 1 (lower volatility than the market). In order to screen only highly liquid stocks, I decided to present only those companies with a market capitalization above USD 10 billion. Here are my favorites: British American Tobacco (BTI), Unilever (UL), Diageo (DEO) and Syngenta (SYT).

Source: Guru Focus

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