Dividends4Life: Green Dividend Stocks to Watch

Green Dividend Stocks to Watch

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My ideal stock is: 1.Green (in that the company is helping to make the economy more sustainable), 2. Pays a good dividend (in the current low-interest rate environment, I consider 4% to be “good”), 3. Has earnings and free cash flow large enough to easily sustain the dividend, and 4. Has low debt, leading to low earnings and cash flow volatility. I like such stocks because I can buy them, and pretty much ignore them. Until recently, however, my ideal stock did not exist.

The recent decline of many green stocks has changed that, and I’m finally building a core of my portfolio around such reliable income producers. Still, many green companies I like don’t meet all my criteria. Here are five I’m watching, and why: #1 General Electric (NYSE:GE), #2 Siemens (NYSE:SI), #3 Honeywell (NYSE:HON), #4 Johnson Controls (NYSE:JCI) and #5 Veolia (NYSE:VE).

Source: Forbes

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